Workshops are a fun way to make a huge impact on your happiness in a short time. Offered in-person and through webinars, these can also be customized for your group upon request and availability.

Building Resilient Joy

The workshop is based on the theories and exercises defined and refined through positive psychology studies.  Participants experience how to increase their own emotional well-being for the purpose of increasing your personal joy and also increasing longevity, strengthening their immune system, building personal resilience and stronger relationships.  An additional benefit is that the exercises also decrease stress and they have proven to be as effective as some prescription drugs.

Happiest Loser

These are 5 thirty-minute sessions that teach you how to increase your happiness levels, to create the feeling of peace and how to quickly snuff negative thoughts.

EFT Tapping

Customize your tapping session to best meet your needs. The focus can be on relieving stress, healing, positive boosting or a combination.

Positive Leadership

This program coaches leaders the key caring components critical for the success of companies and employees:  individual resilience, compassion, personal values, etc.

This workshop can be done in a day or in a series of sessions depending on your needs.  The focus is on building high performance and engaged teams via an authentic, confident and caring leader. This workshop is great for new or progressive middle management or organizations striving to build a positive culture.

Intensive Intention sessions

These sessions leverage lessons learned from various past experiences, personal value recognition, and personal strengths to create a statement of intention that embodies the whole person in order to achieve.  Great preparation for embarking upon a new goal.