The Zengagement company aims to reach you where you are in your journey of personal growth and health. The coaching services teach you how to increase your self-awareness, emotional mastery, and happiness levels by developing the practices of mindfulness, gratitude, awe and appreciation. The Tapping services show you how to remove stress, shift into a positive emotion and then empower yourself for success.

Zengagement services include one-on-one coaching, group coaching and workshops. All services are mindfulness and positive psychology based with the opportunity to integrate emotional intelligence, EFT tapping, Reflection intention, laughter yoga or traditional goal setting.   They are delivered in a three-step process that include positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence among other modalities which studies have shown to help to bolster your immune system, longevity, salary earning, relationships and performance.

STEP 1: DE-STRESS (learn quick and long-term fixes for stress and offload emotional baggage.)

STEP 2: HAPPINESS (strengthen well-being, self-confidence and self efficacy.)

STEP 3: GOAL ACHIEVEMENT (live with deliberate intention.)

Zengagement products include a happiness planner and journal, tote/handbag organizer and an app that boosts your current mood.

Chereé Ingram 


Chereé studies, practices, and coaches happiness and is passionate about teaching people how to create big changes in their lives with little but persistent positive effort. She is the author, designer and coach for all of the services and products delivered by Zengagement.

She has a background in healthcare management which ranges from operations claims and service, medical management, project management and IT application development. Her key to success in various functional areas has always been her intense focus on human potential development and building high performance teams. Due to her versatility, Chereé has spent the last three years performing in a consultative role in healthcare organizations, coaching both employees and their managers how to improve performance by first, identifying and learning their unique strengths, increasing their emotional fitness and then applying best in class business practices.

Today, she integrates her work experience, mindfulness practice and her studies of positive psychology – a strengths-based methodology, to increase the well-being, business skills and performance of both employees and leaders to bring value to the organization, the workers, as well as, the members. In addition, to coaching one-on-one, she also leads mindfulness-focused leadership, change management and personal development workshops.

Chereé has a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies from University College at University of Maryland, an MBA from Loyola University and a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She received training in the UPENN Resiliency program which is taught to every U.S. Army soldier due to its impact for lowering the incidence of PTSD, fostering longevity, strengthening relationships, bolstering the immune system and generally, improving overall well-being. She has a master coach certification from the World Coaching Institute and a certification in Social Emotional Intelligence. Cheree is also a master EFT Tapping practitioner, a laughter yoga leader, and a qualified mindfulness teacher from the UMass Oasis Institute.